Premium Drop Party @ 9pm GMT (10pm BST, 2pm PST, 5pm EST)
The end of the month is upon us, huzzah - And with that comes a new wave of goodies, of which will be dropped from the sky for a limited time only! What's not to love? What's there to lose? Well, other than your sanity whilst you run around and around... Nevermind!

As usual, this monthly event will only be open to users with a Premium membership - One which is from the store, or one which is from ingame rewards.

Due to a decrease in attendance, a list won't be provided at this time - But will be provided later on in the day, on the day of the event. The time for this you can find above; click the green text to go to a countdown - However, it's at the same time as it has for the past several months. We'd advise any users to turn up slightly early.

Items Dropped:
Below is...

As noted a while ago, we want to push players to continue playing - To do this, we're introducing new ways for our users to earn money... Outside the drug baron route. Whilst we'll be staggering updates, by way of things to actually do, we will be releasing "OxyJobs" over the next few days as an open trial.

What is OxyJobs?
OxyJobs is a means for players to do menial tasks, on the server, and be paid for doing them - This means that whilst you're waiting for your selection of drugs to grow, you can earn by simply being an active member in the community; by breaking blocks, killing creatures or even unlocking new professions.

What jobs are available?
On its release, a limited job selection will be available. Whilst a description will be provided ingame, the job titles are as follows:
  • Lumberjack
  • Slayer-Z Jnr
  • Miner
  • Excavator
  • Farmer
  • Fisher
  • Shearer...

Up to 60% off this Summer

Yes, yes, I'm aware; you'd usually go the route of calling it a "Summer Blockbuster" - But hey, can't we be a titch different?

If you're anything like the UK, Summer is being obnoxious; throwing itself in your face, resulting in a near self-combustion state caused by an unbearable and constant heat. And, unfortunately, some of us are even still stuck in a classroom. Brutal! But I'm here to provide a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak; one that you should walk towards.

Drop Party:
On the 4th July 2017, at 9pm GMT, we'll be hosting a drop party - This drop party will be open to all users, and won't be contingent on having a particular membership. We hope we'll see some of you there, and have sent out emails to that effect - What time could be better, than summer, for getting back into OxyDrug? Especially with...

Premium Drop Party @ 9pm GMT (10pm BST, 2pm PST, 5pm EST)
The 'Premium Drop Party' will be held at the end of this week, on Saturday, as usual. However, it will be held in the drop party area found in spawn at this time - This is given some delays on the multi-server setup, caused by the implementation of some features on the main server (and their associative bug checking).

A list will be published on the day of the event, but will be a rough guide - We do not presently know how many will turn up, so it's subject to change. Do note, please use the countdown link above for a countdown to the event - A public drop party will occur on the 4th July.

Due to low attendance last month, brought on primarily by exams and the likes, the amount dropped this month has been decreased to...