Hi guys (and gals!), it Faxed. I'm just swinging another post out, trying to find out what you guys are looking for - This is down to the fact that we value your opinion, and you're integral part to our development and thought process. Obviously, you're our users, so what would you like to see?

This thread should be seen as a consolidation of suggestions; we'll be answering any questions you have here too - So we hope you'll post what you'd like to see, even if it's something you feel is small or otherwise insignificant; it'll help us! Whether it's a balancing issue, or a super cool plugin, just throw it out there.

We're still in the process of putting all the parts together, so help us fill in the cement to hold it together.

Thanks in advance,

READ - https://oxydrug.com/threads/ironman-mode.1568/

Who needs GoCompare when you've got OxySurance? In order to provide an incentive to play, we're providing various benefits to those who stick with us over the next month. Individuals who donate within certain categories will receive higher money returns, whilst others will stack to provide various bonuses.

Donation Guarantee:
Users who fulfil any of the criteria below will automatically receive the labeled percentage of their earnings on the present server - This will give you a slight edge, allowing you to more easily access the market when the server first resets.

The higher level guarantee (10% return of old map money, and $100,000 bonus) will be provided automatically to anyone who donates for a Rank or Bundle up until the reset, as well as for those who donate for 5x Premium Keys or 10x Premium Keys.

Donations which aren't made towards those categories, will instead be...

January 1st 2017 @ 9 PM GMT

Hey guys, just throwing a thread down to let you know that on January 1st 2017 we'll be hosting a drop party for all members. No items have been decided, nor have any other details - We're mainly advising you so that you all know in advance and as such have plenty of time to make plans and such.

As we get closer to the time we'll create a more official thread for the event, including a confirmed list and such. We'd also like to make note towards the fact that this will be OxyDrug's official 1st birthday - New Years will represent not only a new year, but to us the start of yet another fantastic year of growth for OxyDrug.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday 26th November @ 9:00PM BST
Not Premium? We've got an open doors drop party on the 1st January!
Hi guys (and gals), this is just a quick post to let you know that the 'Premium Drop Party' will be occurring at 9pm BST on Saturday 26th November. Whilst we're now back to using GMT (in the UK), to prevent confusion the premium drop party will still be planned with the BST timezone.

If you wish to know what time it will be, in your timezone, please Google '9pm BST in TIMEZONE' - So, if you wanted to know what 9pm BST would be in PST (Pacific Standard Time), you would Google "9pm BST to PST" - Simples!

If you have any queries, please contact us. It's usually best to turn up a few hours below, in case there has been a miscommunication with the times. That way, you'll be...