Saturday 26th November @ 9:00PM BST
Not Premium? We've got an open doors drop party on the 1st January!
Hi guys (and gals), this is just a quick post to let you know that the 'Premium Drop Party' will be occurring at 9pm BST on Saturday 26th November. Whilst we're now back to using GMT (in the UK), to prevent confusion the premium drop party will still be planned with the BST timezone.

If you wish to know what time it will be, in your timezone, please Google '9pm BST in TIMEZONE' - So, if you wanted to know what 9pm BST would be in PST (Pacific Standard Time), you would Google "9pm BST to PST" - Simples!

If you have any queries, please contact us. It's usually best to turn up a few hours below, in case there has been a miscommunication with the times. That way, you'll be...

We have enabled cross-version joining. You will not be able to use 1.11 blocks, but you will be able to join with 1.11 clients. We have done this whilst awaiting plugin updates.

As you'll no doubt be aware, 1.11 was released on Monday 14th November. Whilst we're eager to update, we have a few hurdles which we need to contend with first - The first of which we've overcame, which was waiting for the server software fork we use to update. However, this is now where we've hit a snag.

Preliminary tests show that the majority of plugins we run will work without fault, but two of them presently have issues - Both of which were custom made, and as such will require us to wait on the developers of both. They are as follows.

  • OxyEnchant - The plugin which offers various custom enchantments, as well as various other tweaks to the enchanting process.
  • OxyDrugUtils - Primarily a utility plugin,...