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4th July 2017

Back2Back Versions & Updates:
Hi guys (and gals), the server was down for an hour today whilst I did some work behind the scenes (and fixed some glaring bugs). The following changes were made.

  • Auction House switched out for old system - This is due to compatibility reasons, as the plugin we were using to sync player data wasn't compatible. It is now.
  • [REMOVED] Dual Server Support (1.11 and 1.12) - Server stability issues
  • Stability Changes
  • Shop Updates (Easier to focus on one shop's hologram - Owner's name added)
  • Shop Areas Updates (Better Stability)
  • Updates to sideboard (Bungee related stats - Player total will update slower)
  • New Player Shops (Replacing physical shops)...

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July 4th
Drop Party Reminder

Wow guys, we're at that part of the year - Where stores don't know whether they're stocking for summer, or Christmas; a weird limbo which every store seem to navigate in the most peculiar way. But we're halfway through the year! And school's slowly coming to close for everyone, over the next few weeks.

During this time, this year, we're going to start pushing out updates to intrigue, to draw and to keep you (our loyal players) happy! We're still doing work behind the scenes, but we're pushing for a casino release by July (or mid-July) - This will include a mob arena, slot machines and another few betting mechanisms... We'll be expanding this feature set as we go along! So what'd you like to see?

Please be...

As you'll no doubt be aware, a week ago we stated that rentable shop slots were in the pipeline. I can now confirm that they have been officially added - With the trial, eight vacant slots are available. If there's demand for them, then we will expand upon this - This may include incorporating new shops above ground, or may mean additions to The Vault or other underground areas.

At present, I've implemented two major limitations:
  • You may only rent the same unit for six weeks. Once you reach this limit, you will not be able to renew your rent. You have until the last day, of the rent, to clear all of your items out - Failure to do so will mean that they will be cleared. You will not receive a refund, on these items, if this occurs.
  • You may only rent one unit at any one time. In the future, this may be increased for certain ingame ranks, such as allowing prestige one users to...

Minecraft 1.12 is an upcoming update to Minecraft. Whilst it has no set release date, various forks of Spigot have started to update (to provide server owners with the ability to explore it) - This is down to a plethora of changes occurring, leading to a number of deprecated functions being removed. To this end, when 1.12 is officially released, we will do our utmost to update as soon as possible.

At present, a quarter of the plugins we use are broken - This isn't necessarily down to their coding, but their reliance on a function which has been officially removed as part of 1.12. The bulk of these, we believe we won't have an issue with - But there are one or two which we're not too sure on, as their respective developers can be a pain to deal with.

In so far as custom plugins, we cannot at this time see any issues other than with OxyKronos - We expect this'll be fixed quite quickly.

What's new in 1.12?...