Minecraft 1.12 is an upcoming update to Minecraft. Whilst it has no set release date, various forks of Spigot have started to update (to provide server owners with the ability to explore it) - This is down to a plethora of changes occurring, leading to a number of deprecated functions being removed. To this end, when 1.12 is officially released, we will do our utmost to update as soon as possible.

At present, a quarter of the plugins we use are broken - This isn't necessarily down to their coding, but their reliance on a function which has been officially removed as part of 1.12. The bulk of these, we believe we won't have an issue with - But there are one or two which we're not too sure on, as their respective developers can be a pain to deal with.

In so far as custom plugins, we cannot at this time see any issues other than with OxyKronos - We expect this'll be fixed quite quickly.

What's new in 1.12?...

27th May 2017 @ 9pm GMT (10 pm BST)
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Time flies, doesn't it? This'll be the usual kind of drop party that we have, for Premium, but it will also be the last drop party on the server... Because it's moving! To better utilise resources, drop parties will be hosted in an alternative server instance - In doing this, it means that users who don't wish to participate aren't affected, and will also mean that less plugins will be ticking over; allowing us to better control usage of enchanted items.

Why don't you do drop parties for all users?
Whilst some users are quick to assume, the primary reason is due to the sheer amount of time that needs to be put into larger drop parties - However, it's more than that. If users...​

The world can be a scary place, especially when it's ruled by draconian measures, or by people who aren't able to see ahead into the abyss - But, what does that have to do with us? Well, recently a lot of us have been busy bees - Not as part of the server, but in life. It's coming to that point of year again where we're being dragged under slowly by last minute work, or exams.

However, the end is near and thus I'd like to share some changes with you and explain our stance on 1.12.

Upcoming Changes:
Below you'll find a bullet pointed list of updates which are in the works, to which we expect to release soon. These all revolve around new activities for you to partake in, as well as broadening the horizons of our users - Providing new ways to make a quick dime.

  • Shops - Available from the 19th May, users will be able to create chest shops. This'll be done by use of a new /playershop...

Starting from today, the three faction changes (dealing with OxyDealer) have been officially implemented. Unfortunately, the two week delay on the release of these features couldn't be avoided - We're coming to that point of year where people are busy with various exams, or other academic pursuits. Personally speaking, I'm being grated five different ways with college deadlines.

Below I've created a list of the changes implemented, to ensure all users remain informed and aren't caught out unaware. I've also included a sneak peek of a new area, which isn't presently functioning due to some development holdups (again, real life's a bitch).
  • Faction Tax - If you're a part of a faction, 2% of each OxyDealer sell will go directly to your faction's bank. The intended use-case is to enable users to chip in towards land costs, or various other items. If you'd like to be a slimey faction owner, you can...