In line with our explanation of premium vs non-premium drop parties, we're officially announcing (today) our intentions to provide a drop party for all users on the 4th July 2017 - This will be done at our usual time of 9pm GMT (or 10pm BST - Users in the UK are currently observing BST, so if you're from the UK, you're on BST and not GMT).

What'll be dropped?
Items have not been discussed, planned or even implemented. Given this, we're unable to provide a suitable list at this time. One will be provided closer to the time, or after the event finishes. This is in line with our transparency scheme.

Eurgh, again?
Whilst we're aware users usually come out of this irate, drop parties are a game of luck. You win some, you lose some - And unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about that. If you feel that you dislike what we're dropping, please provide input - If you don't, then we have zero...

We've tried all we can, to get users to report issues on the forums - However, it seems users just don't seem to want to report them online. Given this, we've decided to add an incentive for users who decide to help us out, by reporting issue that they encounter (of which can be verified).

Going forward, users who report bugs (under the bug reporting forum), will receive ingame incentives for doing so. If the bug can be verified, we'll provide an ingame payout to you for taking the time - The amount, or the what, will depend solely on the scope of the bug and its lifetime.

Generally speaking, bugs which fall into the following categories will have "higher" payouts ingame.
  • Long-lived - As in, it has existed since January, yet nobody has reported it yet
  • Game breaking - A bug which affects, or has the potential to affect, all users in a way which is detrimental
  • Exploits done through using bugs which exist,...

We're not a Star Wars server, that much is blatant... Unless of course we're a Sci-Fi server in disguise, selling to galaxies far... far... away? No, I didn't think so - But hey, we might all be on drugs, so there's that (I'm not).

This is obviously being posted before May 4th - During the period of May 5th - May 7th, there'll be the following boosts in effect:
  • 100% Sell Boost
  • $100,000 per ChatReaction
  • $100,000 per OxyReaction
  • Double vote rewards (Users with double vote rewards will receive +1 only)
On top of this, the chances to attain Tier 3 & Mystical keys, from voting will be increased - Giving you a greater chance to win both, on top of your increased vote rewards - What's not to love? On top of this, we'll be throwing in a 30% sale (which you can supercharge with a 10% coupon!) - Which will run from May 4th.

We MAY (get it?) also...

29th April 2017 @ 9pm GMT

Click the above for a countdown to the time! Do note, if you're currently living in England,
you're in the BST timezone; not GMT. Plan accordingly.
As usual, our monthly Premium drop party is coming up, and brings a successful month to a close. Whilst we're still working on bits behind the scenes, there's more to come - With the faction changes, previously mentioned, being fully released soon (due to a last minute issue). There's also a new sewer area... Coming soon! Plus some bits during the May 4th weekend.

Click the time above to get a countdown timer, to the drop party, which will occur at 9pm GMT, 5pm EDT or 2pm PDT - Do note, that most areas are now observing daylight savings. Please ensure you're converting to the correct time.


  • 1,000x Bedrock...