There has always been a lot of interest in another rank above Zeus, with users throughout our tenure asking if we intended to add a new one. We never did, but felt that it was about time to add the last rung to the ranks; adding a flair of exclusivity.

Following on with our Greek theme, Kronos is the father of the Olympic "Gods". It's fitting that he slides in about Zeus - Given that whilst Zeus was his undoing, Kronos still remains a fearsome force; far more ancient and interesting.

What does the new rank bring?
For users who attain the Kronos rank, they'll have the following benefits:
  • Change your chat colour - However, this is limited preventing the use of white, black and certain other formats (such as 'magic' &k). To use, you need simply use /chatcolor &3 (replacing &3 with the colour code you want).
  • Bottle EXP - Using /expbottle <amount> you can bottle EXP,...

Easter Drop Party 2017
April 16th @ 9pm GMT

It's here... What? What's here? Well, it's Easter Weekend! And, as we'd said earlier in the week, this brings with it a number of benefits for playing over the weekend - And let's not forget the drop party. Click the countdown above to get an up-to-date time! Remember to not confuse GMT and BST. It will be at 9pm GMT (or 10pm BST).

Starting from the posting of this thread, the following buffs are in effect:
  • 100% OxyDealer Bonus
  • Double vote rewards (Users with double, at this time, will receive +1 rewards - Not quadruple).
  • $100,000 ChatReaction Wins
  • $50,000 OxyActivity Wins
On top of this, we have also released the following new enchantments, of which can be read about on the...
I hear you; it's not Easter! So, why's this post suddenly appeared a week early? Well, the answer's simple! We want to ensure that all users are aware of what's going on over the Easter Weekend. Whilst we're aware that not everyone celebrates the date as others do, we want to ensure that you have a fun and rewarding weekend - Even if you don't have a pile of eggs to nestle.

Starting from the 14th April 2017, the following changes will be in effect:
  • 100% Sell Boost
  • Double vote rewards*
  • Double OxyActivity/ChatReaction rewards
Oh? Still not enough to do? For participating, during this double weekend, we'll also be releasing a limited edition tag. This can be obtained, on the day, by using /kit Easter - You'll just have to wait and see what the tag is, but it'll...

Reopening April 7th 2017
Follow our Twitter, @MCOxyDrug, for updates.​

What happened?
First and foremost, I'd like to start off by expressing just how sorry we are. The wipe, which occurred, should never have happened - It wasn't due to poor planning, nor down to any one person, but various fail safes in place were knocked over by the most simplistic of mistakes. These holes have been patched, and player data will remain resilient against any such cascading failure in the future.

Essentially, a report was filed against a member of staff. Pectus went to resolve said report, but in doing so overwrote the permissions file with an earlier version - This blunder wasn't caught by the system, and all we can do is apologise profusely. Whilst some users' profiles were salvaged,...