Reopening April 7th 2017
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What happened?
First and foremost, I'd like to start off by expressing just how sorry we are. The wipe, which occurred, should never have happened - It wasn't due to poor planning, nor down to any one person, but various fail safes in place were knocked over by the most simplistic of mistakes. These holes have been patched, and player data will remain resilient against any such cascading failure in the future.

Essentially, a report was filed against a member of staff. Pectus went to resolve said report, but in doing so overwrote the permissions file with an earlier version - This blunder wasn't caught by the system, and all we can do is apologise profusely. Whilst some users' profiles were salvaged,...

Server Downtime!
5th April - 7th April
Due to an unforeseen technical error, caused by Pectus (an honest mistake), all ranks have been reset back to Citizen (January 1st 2017). As such, this presents the perfect opportunity to us to implement/change a few core features - Given the outcome of the present polls, as well as the pre-existing poll (which was slightly duped), we have decided to introduce the following into the server:
  • Factions will be added
  • Enchantments will be replaced - We've moved to the new plugin.
Due to the size of these features, as well as the testing required, the server will be down for maintenance until the 7th April 2017 at the latest. Please keep looking at our Twitter, @MCOxyDrug, for further updates - We apologise for this extended downtime, however we want to ensure that the transition is as...

Remember! The Factions vote is being re-run!

We're also maintaining 25% off until April 8th
What's happening for Easter...? ;)

Starting from the 3rd April 2017, OxyActivity will be enabled on the server. This is a custom plugin which we're presently fielding as an alternative to the pre-existing ChatReactions - This is not only due to it being less predictable, but also due to the fact that it provides various different activities. Its intention is to be engaging past typing a few characters.

Whilst it'll be expanded in the future, the present activities available are...
  • Mob Slaying
  • Questions
  • Typing
Each of these provide various activities, within random intervals - Meaning that you can no longer sit there, poised to paste an...

What do you think when you hear the word development? Well, what we're trying to do is add more to OxyDrug is make it what you want it to be. Now whilst we've received a myriad of suggestions, not all of them make it to the final cut; there's a lot to be taken into consideration. However, we do need your input and would like to inform you about some changes making their way to the server.

As you'll have noticed by now, quests have been re-added to the server. These have been fiddled with, for stability, over the past month. Whilst not all of this time was spent testing, issues were ran into which caused a corruption; causing me to have to restart their creation.

At present, you're able to do a number of the categories. Not all of them yield tags, like last time, but instead provide monetary rewards. Some provide exclusive rewards, and others provide a variety of items - This...