40% Sale Starts @ 6pm GMT Today!
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Premium DP @ 9pm GMT (Saturday 25th March)
Remember! The Premium drop party has been announced!

As the title suggests, the time is quickly coming upon us where Pectus turns away from being 18. As of tomorrow, the 23rd March 2017, Pectus will be 19. And whilst yes, it's his birthday, it's also a commemoration of how far we've come in such a short period of time - That wouldn't be possible without you guys (and gals!) being as engaging and thought provoking as you are.

With your help, we've implemented and switched around a number of core systems; modifying them where you, the player, saw fit - Allowing us to empower our user base. But, we still have far to go and we can't do it without you guys (and, again, gals!) - So please, let us...

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a little before, to ensure you don't have any issues!
As usual, our monthly Premium drop party is coming up, but that's not all! On the 23rd March 2017, it's also Louie's birthday - We'll be running a sale during this time, much like we did during August last year - But that's enough leaking for now; we'll discuss some more of what's happening and such later today.

The time provided is when the DP will be held for all users who have, or maintain, a Premium membership.

Why don't normal members have a DP?
Premium are provided a DP as part of our obligation to them. The main reason that it's kept to a certain sect of the community was due to the...

Saturday 25th February @ 9pm GMT
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Whoa, what? It's not January anymore? What's that? We're coming to the end of February? Blimey. Time seems to be racing along. At the rate things are going, I assume it'll be Christmas soon - Well, if the stores are anything to go by... I digress.

The next Premium Drop Party will be on the 25th February 2017 at the usual time of 9pm GMT. If you wish to know what time that is, in your timezone, please consult Google. If you wanted to know what it was, in EST, you'd simply Google "What is 9pm GMT in EST?"

What's dropping, doc?
Nothing. We're dropping absolutely nothing... Nothing but freeeee stuff, so how could it be bad, huh? HUH?! T

  • 1400x Bedrock
  • 1000x Obsidian
  • 400x TNT...

It's that time of year again, the one where people get shackled to their loved ones, whilst the noisy majority of singletons continue to be single pringles; glued to Netflix and shaking their heads in despair. Regardless of which situation you're in, we hope you're having fun and/or find love soon (remain a singleton, it's easier).

Starting 14th February 2017, until the 19th February 2017, the store will maintain a 50% sale. This'll be shorter than most, given that it's not really one of those important dates, but, to sweeten the deal we'll be providing a scratchcard for each collective donation made on participating items (SEE TERMS). The scratchcard will be Lover's Royale.


But wait, what's so funky and special about this scratchcard? Well, not only will it encompass...​