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    Minecraft 1.12 is an upcoming update to Minecraft. Whilst it has no set release date, various forks of Spigot have started to update (to provide server owners with the ability to explore it) - This is down to a plethora of changes occurring, leading to a number of deprecated functions being removed. To this end, when 1.12 is officially released, we will do our utmost to update as soon as possible.

    At present, a quarter of the plugins we use are broken - This isn't necessarily down to their coding, but their reliance on a function which has been officially removed as part of 1.12. The bulk of these, we believe we won't have an issue with - But there are one or two which we're not too sure on, as their respective developers can be a pain to deal with.

    In so far as custom plugins, we cannot at this time see any issues other than with OxyKronos - We expect this'll be fixed quite quickly.

    What's new in 1.12?
    Whilst some of you will know about 1.12, and what it brings, some probably have no idea - Whether this is due to a lack of interest, or simply not knowing, I've not a clue.

    I've provided a list of updates, on 1.12, which will have an impact on you as a player.
    • New note block sounds, with sounds added for bones, gold blocks, clay, packed ice and wool.
    • Concrete Blocks (Created by mixing concrete powder with water)
    • Glazed Terracotta (Creates repeating patterns)
    • Illusioner Mob (Summons duplicates; they'll all follow the main mob, but only the real one can do damage)
    • Parrots (Tamable with seeds, killed with cookies)
    • Closing the crafting window, with items inside, will return them to your inventory (instead of dropping them)
    • Requires Java 8
    • Removal of achievements (replaced with 'advancements')
    • Beds can be dyed to any number of colours, and can be bounced upon - You can fall a maximum of 41 blocks onto a bed and survive
    • Fences, Walls, Glass Panes and Iron Bars will connect to stairs (boooo!)
    • Magma Blocks now mimic Netherrack; they burn infinitely.
    • Shulker Boxes will change colour depending on the blocks nearby
    • Various colour changes, on a range of items (new colour pallette)
    It should also be noted that the following were mentioned, but aren't presently in the pre-release being shown by Minecraft:
    • "Enchanted" Dispensers (Using an enchanted bow to create a dispenser makes the dispenser fire accordingly)
    • Piston Effects (i.e Can't push, causing a clunk sound and smoke particles)
    On top of this, there have been 38 issues fixed from previous versions (as it presently stands).

    As noted, there is no confirmed date for this release (from Minecraft). This post has been created simply to keep you, the player, in the loop.