Update Back2Back Versions - Double Bubble!

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    Double Bubble
    23rd June - 26th June

    Public Drop Party

    4th July 2017

    Back2Back Versions & Updates:
    Hi guys (and gals), the server was down for an hour today whilst I did some work behind the scenes (and fixed some glaring bugs). The following changes were made.

    • Auction House switched out for old system - This is due to compatibility reasons, as the plugin we were using to sync player data wasn't compatible. It is now.
    • [REMOVED] Dual Server Support (1.11 and 1.12) - Server stability issues
    • Stability Changes
    • Shop Updates (Easier to focus on one shop's hologram - Owner's name added)
    • Shop Areas Updates (Better Stability)
    • Updates to sideboard (Bungee related stats - Player total will update slower)
    • New Player Shops (Replacing physical shops)
    • Return of /shop
    • Return of /trade
    On top of this, updates have been happening to OxyCasino - We're presently aiming to officially release it on the 4th July 2017 as part of the day's celebrations. This will be alongside our public drop party! The following are on their way to OxyCasino:
    • CoinFlip (Player vs Player)
    • Villager Battles (Betting)
    • Mob Arena (With Oxy & Lucifer Bosses) - Bring your own items (swords, armour, etc)
    • Slot Machines (Spawners, Heads and Money - Oh my!)
    • Drink Gambles (Betting)
    It should be noted that, with OxyCasino, McMMO and Custom Enchants are both enabled - This means that it's the perfect place to level certain McMMO skills, as well as show off your swanky enchants. Primarily, this was implemented due to the move away from server-provided kits; you'll need to bring your own gear to the Mob Arena!

    If you'd like to see other items, please let us know in response to this thread! We might add it, to allow you to pass some time on OxyDrug!


    Double Bubble:
    From the 23rd June, to the 26th, we'll be running "Double Bubble" - This means that all users will receive the following perks over this weekend:
    • 100% Sell Booster
    • +1 Vote Reward (Providing double vote reward to normal players, or triple to premium)
    • $100,000 Chat Reaction Wins
    • $100,000 OxyActivity Wins

    for playing along and voting, users will also receive
    • Discount bedrock, at The Block Cafe
    • Extra chances to win Mystical & Tier 3 keys