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    On a daily basis, as a server, we always have to deal with an onslaught of questions. We understand that the server can be challenging in some aspects, and that some users may be incredibly new to the Minecraft experience.

    Below you'll find a range of frequently asked questions, as well as their answers - You can quickly navigate by using the 'Find in Page' feature that comes with most, if not all, browsers.

    Thank you for taking the time to have a gander! Some of this content was compiled by me, with some also taken from @ItsSuperior.

    1. What's the map border?
    At present, you can travel 20,000 blocks in each direction from spawn. The Nether's border is significantly less at around 8,000 blocks.

    2. How do I sell drugs?
    Drugs, unlike other servers, aren't policed using Police - Instead, we maintain a virtual system which imitates a market; simulating various market forces. You can sell to it using /sellall or by using /sell - If you're a hardcore or perma player, you'll need to do this in the sewers under spawn.

    You can also, as a casual player, sell drugs directly from a chest by affixing a sign which follows the below format:

    Chest Sell

    Right clicking this will enable you to sell all of the drugs in the chest, allowing for a vastly automated system.

    3. What's the ranking system?
    To slowly introduce players to various features, as well as prevent abuse in some instances, ranking up provides a variety of restrictions and buffs. These can be seen by doing /ranks ingame, which'll provide a list of ranks - Hovering over each item will provide you with a rundown of what opens up, and what closes.

    To rankup, you can use /rankup - Which'll require you to confirm it by repeating the command. When you reach the top rank, you then have the option to prestige. This won't delete any homes, but it will put you back to the beginning - Unlocking the ability to make and manage factions, and various other small goodies.

    4. How do I donate?
    We thank all users who are able to donate to the server's upkeep. To re-enforce the spirit of what it is, we don't use /buy - Rather, you can access the store via doing /donate or by using

    5. How do I claim land, or make a Faction?

    To make a Faction you need to be Prestige 1, as well as $100,000,000 capital to start! Each chunk claimed costs $10,000,000 with a 15% increase with each additional chunk. Check /f help for more information!

    6. Oh no! I've been scammed!
    Unfortunately, scamming is allowed. We previously had trade plugins, however it went against the spirit of the server - Trading is done at the user's own risk, and if you're scammed then unfortunately we can't do a lot about it.

    Scams involving our online donation portal will, however, yield action - This is down to the negative effect on image that such scams have.

    7. How many TNT hits does it take to break Bedrock? Can it be mined?
    Bedrock cannot be mined, however, it can be blown up with 300 TNT hits. This allows you to gain access to various bases, and places it as a top tier block that you'll want to get - It can sell, per stack, anywhere from $150k to $250k.

    8. Are macros allowed?
    Re-assigning keys, or auto-typing something as a result of a key press (such as through Razer Synapse) is allowed. However, anything which goes past that (from a macro point of view), isn't allowed - This includes auto-clickers, or tools which allow you to remain AFK and yet farm fully automatically.

    9. Is X considered unfair?
    If you've got to ask us, then it probably is. If it's cheaty, or it provides an unfair advantage (such as seeing through walls), then it's strictly forbidden - Much like fly hacks are also banned.

    10. Is there a texture pack that I can use?
    We don't presently have an official texture pack. This is purely down to there being little, to no, demand for one. You can find an unofficial one HERE

    11. Can spawners be mined?
    Yes! If you have the relevant perk "Silk Spawners" - This can be obtained from crates, or as part of various donor packages.

    12. How do I check drug prices?
    Drug prices are always fluctuating. You can check current prices at /prices

    13. Are there daily quests?

    At present they're being worked on, however, there's an alternative daily challenge plugin - It's called OxyBonus which rewards you for coming on daily and doing assorted tasks.

    14. Urmmm... What are points?
    Points are another currency. They can be won in crates, but are given out as a reward for voting. These points, when you have enough, enable you to buy donator items for free - This includes things such as ranks, You can redeem your points by going to the /pointshop

    To check how many points you have, do /points me

    15. Why can't I create a spawner for [Mob Name Here] when I'm Zeus?
    Certain spawner types are disabled for balance purpose. This includes the Iron Golem and Guardian spawners. The reason for this is due to the price of the drugs they produce, as well as the base price for both spawners - We do not wish players going around buying $1m spawners and turning them into $10m spawners and selling them on.

    16. Your staff are crap - They banned me, but not this other guy which did the same thing.
    Whilst we lay out a minimum punishment for all rule-breaking, any and all punishment is up to the discretion of the attending staff member.

    If you believe that the punishment you received as unfair, you're more than welcome to post an appeal. You can do this in the aptly named 'Appeal' section. Whilst there is no guarantee this will provide a favourable outcome, if there is genuine fault something will be done.

    17. I got XRayed! You better roll the damage back!
    Whilst we'll endeavour to get to the bottom of cases where XRay may be involved, just because your base was raided doesn't necessarily mean that it was XRayed - You could simply have slipped up, much like other users have in the past.

    We will not rollback property loss which is the result of your own negligence. Examples include, but aren't limited to, teleporting someone you don't trust to your base, adding a beacon to the middle of your base and making use of tons of spawners.

    Remember! Users can easily find your base should there be too many entities. Entities are items such as boats, item frames, mobs and end crystals.

    18. You copied X, Y and Z from [Server Name Here]!
    We didn't.

    Whilst a number of servers seem to grab at the title of being a trend-setter, the majority of plugins which people take issue with are being used by literally thousands of other servers. Equally, we find it fit to point out that just because one server did it, doesn't necessarily mean another cannot - Especially in an ecosystem where the game is player fuelled; we implement ideas which players put forth.

    Obviously, in a world with seven billion people, more than one person is going to have a similar idea. To think otherwise is simply crazy.

    19. Why did [Insert Name Here] get banned?
    Whilst we're more than happy to help you, we can't always tell you why someone is banned. If you wish to know, you'll need to ask that player. However, do take things with a pinch of salt; people over-exaggerate sometimes for effect.

    20. Can I use this rankup pass to prestige?
    No, you cannot. A rankup pass, for non-donator ranks, may only be used to transition between the normal ranks - Not to prestige.

    This is noted on the actual pass, and will warn you in chat if you try using it on an incorrect rank! Simply right click with the token in hand.

    21. Can you make it so we can sell pumpkins, melons and cactus without having to change them?

    This has been something which has continuously been asked for, but it won't be happening. The reason for this is because of the fact that all three of these items can be auto-farmed to a ridiculous extent. This provides economical imbalances, or the potential to create them.

    22. Why are all the items from crates crap?
    Everyone is different and everyone is looking for something different. We're aware that some of the prizes might not be that tantalising for users, but really, there's not much we can do about that - If we cater for one group, another is going to moan and so the perpetual cycle continues.

    Equally, we'd like to take the time to point out that the crates aren't meant to be a guaranteed win. Obviously, there's a slight chance you're going to get something which is complete crap. Why? Because then it's more of a gamble. If you won super duper stuff every single time, we might as well just give you a chest full of all the items currently offered.

    We are open to changing the crates, slightly, however we will only be bending so far.

    23. Can I get OP?

    24. An admin just teleported to me! He's cheating and going to raid, right?
    Admins cannot play on the game. This is due to the extent of powers that they have - With their power being equivalent to having op on the server.

    If an admin TPs to you, then they're likely just checking out what you're doing or because you've asked for help.

    25. Can Helpers and Moderators Raid? I just got raided!
    Both Helpers and Moderators are players too! Whilst they're there to help, they're also there to enjoy themselves - Whilst Moderators can forcefully teleport, it's done in instances where it's required (such as checking out hack reports).

    For the most part, we'd advise to trust nobody - Unless you're close friends, but even then, watch out!

    On OxyDrug, we maintain a collection of over 70 plugins - These work together to provide the experience we offer, and all of them have various commands which provide extra functionality, or allow for easier usage. Below is a quick rundown of the commands, or rather the main ones.

    Below are the commands which can be used by players, as well as a short description. Not all of these may be accessible, especially if you're a standard user.

    Drug Related:
    Below are all of the commands used for selling drugs to the server. These are the most important for making money.
    • /sell - Opens the 'Sell' GUI, enabling you to place drugs and sell them. This screen also tells you of any ongoing events.
    • /sellall - Sells all drugs which can be found within your inventory
    • /prices - Opens the sell price list, of all drugs; check this often, for they're constantly changing.
    • /convert <name> - Converts all of something in your inventory, to its drug form. If you do not specify a drug, it will convert everything in your inventory - If you wanted to convert all Sugarcane to 'Cocaine' (Sugar), then you would do /convert cocaine You can also just do /convert - This'll convert all items in your inventory!

    Below are the commands used for teleportation. These will enable you to get around the map eaiser, as opposed to walking everywhere. Be careful who you accept requests from, given that it may be a trap or similar.
    • /spawn - Teleports you to spawn. If you don't have the TP bypass, you will be TPed after three seconds.
    • /wild - Spawns a portal where you're looking.
    • /sethome <name> - If you have multiple homes, provide the name to set your current location's home to that.
    • /home <name> - Teleports you to the given, named, home. If no name is provided, teleports you to your main home.
    • /delhome <name> - Deletes the given home. Cannot be recovered, so use wisely. Staff will be unable to recover these.
    • /tpa <name> - Sends a teleport request to someone else, requesting to teleport to them. This can be accepted using /tpaccept
    • /tpahere <name> - Sends a teleport request to someone, requesting them to teleport to you. This can be accepted using /tpaccept
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