[IDEA] Investments for beginners?

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    May 28, 2017
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    Hi so i've seen a lot of new players struggle on starting, but i have an idea that may be profitable for both parties.
    So you set the price
    it must be timed
    5 minutes = $$$ etc,etc.
    for the first 5 minutes it is a test try
    just compute how much that will be in 1 hour,
    then make it
    example: 5 mins = 5 $
    1 hour = 60 $
    and whatever farm the newbie invested in, you farm that farm for the given amount of time and split it
    examples of rates: 50-50% 40-60% etc.
    A high price means that the new plyer will profit even more than what they paid, is basically what this is
    and without even farming for the 3 seconds you gain profit without farming, but you split it depending on the split rate.
    win-win for both sides, though it may also be a scam it's also a good money profit method, if agreed on by both sides.