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    Premium Drop Party @ 9pm GMT (10pm BST, 2pm PST, 5pm EST)
    The end of the month is upon us, huzzah - And with that comes a new wave of goodies, of which will be dropped from the sky for a limited time only! What's not to love? What's there to lose? Well, other than your sanity whilst you run around and around... Nevermind!

    As usual, this monthly event will only be open to users with a Premium membership - One which is from the store, or one which is from ingame rewards.

    Due to a decrease in attendance, a list won't be provided at this time - But will be provided later on in the day, on the day of the event. The time for this you can find above; click the green text to go to a countdown - However, it's at the same time as it has for the past several months. We'd advise any users to turn up slightly early.

    Items Dropped:
    Below is a rough sketch of the items dropped and their associated totals. This is not an exhaustive list.
    • 2x Fly Tokens
    • 1,500x Bedrock
    • 760x Barrier
    • 500x Obsidian
    • 500x TNT
    • 128x Notch Apples
    • 1x Donor Rankup
    • 32x 10,000 EXP
    • 64x $1,000,000 Notes
    • 120x $100,000 Notes
    • 300x Tier 1 Keys
    • 200x Tier 2 Keys
    • 100x Tier 3 Keys
    • 50x Mystical Keys
    • 64x Totems of Undying
    • 300x Hoppers
    • 20x 60 Minutes Boosters (10%)
    • 10x 60 Minute Boosters (150%)
    • 5x Nickname Access
    • 20x Rankup Tokens
    • 10x 32x32 Cleared Areas
    • 10x 16x16 Cleared Areas
    • 10x Witch Spawners
    • 10x Iron Golem Spawners
    • 10x Guardian Spawners
    • 10x Ghast Spawners
    • 5x Faction Power Boosters
    • Other assorted redeemables (Death effects, wings, trails, etc)