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    As noted a while ago, we want to push players to continue playing - To do this, we're introducing new ways for our users to earn money... Outside the drug baron route. Whilst we'll be staggering updates, by way of things to actually do, we will be releasing "OxyJobs" over the next few days as an open trial.

    What is OxyJobs?
    OxyJobs is a means for players to do menial tasks, on the server, and be paid for doing them - This means that whilst you're waiting for your selection of drugs to grow, you can earn by simply being an active member in the community; by breaking blocks, killing creatures or even unlocking new professions.

    What jobs are available?
    On its release, a limited job selection will be available. Whilst a description will be provided ingame, the job titles are as follows:
    • Lumberjack
    • Slayer-Z Jnr
    • Miner
    • Excavator
    • Farmer
    • Fisher
    • Shearer
    • Explorer
    • Blacksmith
    • Builder
    • Master Brewer
    • Enchantress Jnr
    • Armourer
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Pyrotechnic
    We'll be looking to modify this list over the coming weeks, or even months - All depending on the feedback of our users.

    Which job is best, how does it work?
    Well, which job is best? It all depends. All of them will provide a monetary income, which is deposited every 60 seconds - However, if a job is over-subscribed (as in, too many players) then it'll invoke a penalty on its overall payout.

    This means that if there were only three jobs, and we had nine players - If all nine players were in just one profession, that profession would have a lower payout (as it's top-heavy). In response, the other professions would have a buff placed on their earnings.

    It should also be noted that certain jobs cannot be joined until you've met a certain level in other professions - This is to allow users to work towards higher paying jobs, and also prevents everyone massing to one particular job. You may only be a part of two jobs at any one time.

    How do I join (or leave) a job?
    Well, when it's released you'll be able to do /oxyjobs - From this, you can left-click to join a job, and right-click to quit it.

    This GUI will indicate the general payment, as well as various other information - As a new feature for premium members, you'll be able to reach higher levels over the cap which is in place for ordinary users. This is our path to providing more features, and ensuring users have some form of income - Whether it be flogging blocks, doing jobs or simply gambling.

    But wait, what about my level?
    You can check your level, on your jobs, at any time by doing /oxyjobs level

    And boosts?

    Every weekend, a boost will run on money earnt from 10am BST until 8pm BST - We'll expand this in the future, but for now EXP and money earnt will be doubled for every job!
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    This Sounds like a good idea So im happy to say im coming back to the server and this sounds like something i might grind out = Easy money