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    Premium Drop Party @ 9pm GMT (10pm BST, 2pm PST, 5pm EST)
    The 'Premium Drop Party' will be held at the end of this week, on Saturday, as usual. However, it will be held in the drop party area found in spawn at this time - This is given some delays on the multi-server setup, caused by the implementation of some features on the main server (and their associative bug checking).

    A list will be published on the day of the event, but will be a rough guide - We do not presently know how many will turn up, so it's subject to change. Do note, please use the countdown link above for a countdown to the event - A public drop party will occur on the 4th July.

    Due to low attendance last month, brought on primarily by exams and the likes, the amount dropped this month has been decreased to reflect this - Some items will be marked as requiring a certain amount of users.

    More items may drop, if there's enough people.

    1,000x Bedrock
    1,000x Obsidian
    100x Tier 1 Keys
    100x Tier 2 Keys
    50x Tier 2 Keys
    6x Owner & Admin Heads (Pectus, Chimpa, Faxed, Marble & JoeIsEpicz)
    30x 150% Boosters
    30x 50% Boosters
    10x 16x16 Cleared Areas
    10x 32x32 Cleared Areas
    5x 64x64 Cleared Areas
    20x Ghast Spawners
    30x Iron Golem Spawners
    30x Witch Spawners
    30x Zombie Spawners
    1x Behemoth Token
    20x Rankup Tokens
    50x $1,000,000
    100x $500,000
    200x $50,000
    20x Nuke Death Effects
    3x Fly Token
    1x Wither Boss Pet (Dependant on attendance)
    1x Premium Token (1 Month)
    1x Premium Token (3 Months)