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    Up to 60% off this Summer

    Yes, yes, I'm aware; you'd usually go the route of calling it a "Summer Blockbuster" - But hey, can't we be a titch different?

    If you're anything like the UK, Summer is being obnoxious; throwing itself in your face, resulting in a near self-combustion state caused by an unbearable and constant heat. And, unfortunately, some of us are even still stuck in a classroom. Brutal! But I'm here to provide a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak; one that you should walk towards.

    Drop Party:
    On the 4th July 2017, at 9pm GMT, we'll be hosting a drop party - This drop party will be open to all users, and won't be contingent on having a particular membership. We hope we'll see some of you there, and have sent out emails to that effect - What time could be better, than summer, for getting back into OxyDrug? Especially with so much popping up!

    Drop Items:
    Below is a preliminary list - All of these items will drop if we maintain a 100+ attendance, otherwise, items will be removed on a random basis. This list isn't final and is subject to change; take only as an idea of what's being provided.
    • 12,000x Bedrock
    • 6,000x Obsidian
    • 6,000x TNT
    • 3,000x Barriers
    • 60x Dragon Heads (Dated)
    • 150x Iron Golem Spawners
    • 150x Witch Spawners
    • 50x Ghast Spawners
    • 150x Zombie Spawners
    • 3x Vex Spawners
    • 300x Tier 1 Keys
    • 250x Mystical Keys
    • 100x Tier 2 Keys
    • 100x Tier 3 Keys
    • 10x Fly Tokens
    • 10x Premium Tokens (3 Months)
    • 15x Premium Tokens (1 Month)
    • 30x Nuke Death Effects
    • 30x 150% OxyDealer (1hr)
    • 200x $50,000 Tokens
    • 200x $100,000 Tokens
    • 100x $250,000 Tokens
    • 100x $1,000,000 Tokens
    • 50x 16x16 Cleared Areas
    • 50x 32x32 Cleared Areas
    • 10x Large Base Redeems
    • 10x Behemoth Redeems
    • 1,000x Hoppers
    • 128x Totem of Undying
    • 10x Donor Rankup Tokens (Angel - Zeus only)
    • 1x Kronos Rank Token
    • 50x Assorted Staff Heads (Pectus, Faxed, etc)
    Summer Sale:
    Starting from the 3rd July 2017, at 23:00 GMT, a sale of up to 60% will occur. Donations made towards any category will build towards a community goal - When it's reached, every online user will receive a free Tier 3 key!

    Vote Parties:
    Vote parties will be returning, on the 8th July. These will be slightly different to usual, in that it'll require 100 votes and will drop keys, enchantments and various other goodies - As opposed to just keys. These will be direct to your inventory, with a counter (for votes) on the right side.

    Only online users, when they occur, will receive the rewards. Whilst X amount of rewards will drop, there is no guarantee that you'll get one! Keep that in mind.

    Other Changes:
    Alongside what has been said above, over the following Summer we're hoping to implement a variety of sought after features - Given our timetables will be freed up. Presently, we're looking at implementing:
    • Jobs (allowing you to make money from menial tasks)
    • Tag Crate
    • Vote Parties
    • Release of the Casino (8th July)