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    As you'll no doubt be aware, a week ago we stated that rentable shop slots were in the pipeline. I can now confirm that they have been officially added - With the trial, eight vacant slots are available. If there's demand for them, then we will expand upon this - This may include incorporating new shops above ground, or may mean additions to The Vault or other underground areas.

    At present, I've implemented two major limitations:
    • You may only rent the same unit for six weeks. Once you reach this limit, you will not be able to renew your rent. You have until the last day, of the rent, to clear all of your items out - Failure to do so will mean that they will be cleared. You will not receive a refund, on these items, if this occurs.
    • You may only rent one unit at any one time. In the future, this may be increased for certain ingame ranks, such as allowing prestige one users to rent more than one (or to even let them straight up buy units). In doing this, they can sub-let to users and so on.
    How do you rent?
    Find a rent sign, above ground or at /warp PlayerShop - Simply right click it, and you'll be renting (or go inside and do /as rent). You can unrent it at any time (and receive 80% of your rent back) by doing /as unrent within the shop unit - You can extend it by right clicking that sign again.

    Users can find information out, simply by left clicking the sign - It'll say who owns it, for how long and so on.

    But you can do more! Invite your friends to help by using /as addriend

    So, what are the rules?
    Presently, there aren't any. If you treat the feature inappropriately, such as building giant wangs in buildings, then you will lose your privileges to that end.

    What would you like to see? At what cost? Where?